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RFP for Lab Services

Aquatic Biology Laboratory Services
Request for Bids
Great Lakes Ballast Technology Demonstration Project
Deadline February 21, 1997

     The Great Lakes Ballast Technology Demonstration Project requires 
laboratory services for the analysis of phytoplankton, zooplankton and
bacteria samples from ballast water.  The following specific laboratory services 
are sought:

1. Sorting and quantification of zooplankton samples preserved in formalin to 
higher taxonomic levels. 
2. Quantitative analysis of phytoplankton via chlorophyll extraction from 
frozen samples.
3. Quantitative analysis of live whole water and sediment samples for total 
coliform bacteria.

     Samples will be generated aperiodically, but will have a delivery rate of 
up to 100 samples (divided roughly evenly among the three types of tests) up to 
four times a month for nine months (April 1997 - December 1997).  Chlorophyll 
and bacteria samples will not be archived, but plankton samples will require 
preservation and return shipping for permanent storage by the project.  

     Adherance to the Standard Operating Procedures and Quality 
Assurance/Quality Control Guidelines developed by the Great Lakes National 
Program Office of the Environmental Protection Agency for phytoplankton, 
zooplankton and chlorophyll extraction analyses is a must.

     In order for the findings to be useful in informing the direction of the 
experiment, turn-around on the analysis should be as soon as possible but no 
longer than two weeks after receipt of a delivery of samples.  Some 
interpretation of the raw data in the form of charts, graphs and narrative 
comments is also desired.

     Please contact Allegra Cangelosi of the Northeast-Midwest Institute 
(202)-544-5200 (acangelo@nemw.org) for more information.  Please submit
your bid (itemized on a per sample basis) by February 15, 1997 to the following 

Allegra Cangelosi
Northeast-Midwest Institute
218 D St. SE
Washington, DC 20003