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Great Lakes Manufacturing Network INTERNET Site

Dear GLIN Friends,

We would like to introduce you to a new feature available through GLIN. 
It is the Great Lakes Manufacturing Network INTERNET site.  The Great
Lakes Manufacturing Network (GLMN) site is located at
http://www.cglg.org/glmn/ and is accessible via GLIN's Economy page. 
GLMN is integrated into the GLIN architecture and uses the same features
and pathways for finding information.   

GLMN is a high performance project of the Council of Great Lakes
Governors.  The project was organized to coordinate improvements and
investments in the information infrastructure supporting manufacturers
in the Great Lakes region.  The network fosters cooperation and
communication among the regionís industry, government, educational,
business development and technical organizations.  Participation is open
to all interested organizations willing to share information as a basis
for joint action among states and industry. 

We would like to express our appreciation to the Great Lakes Commission
and GLIN, our partners in the GLMN INTERNET site, for their superb
cooperation.  The Great Lakes Commission, through GLIN, has provided
generous support in the design, development and implementation of the
GLMN site by making available its staff and equipment resources.  

We welcome any suggestions you may have to improve our links,
information sharing, and cooperation.  Please visit the GLMN site soon.

For additional information contact:
Tony Jensen
Council of Great Lakes Governors
Tel: (937) 253-0217
Fax: (937) 253-7238
E-mail: jensen@wtn.org