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* Site of the Month: Great Lakes Fishery Commission
* State of the State Addresses
* More Organizations Online


Check out GLIN's February SITE OF THE MONTH: the Great Lakes Fishery

An international organization established in 1955 by treaty between the
U.S. and Canada, the Great Lakes Fishery Commission oversees a fishery
research program and carries out sea lamprey control on the Great Lakes.
State, provincial, tribal and federal fishery agencies coordinate their
management through GLFC committees, under an agreement known as the
Joint Strategic Plan for Management of Great Lakes Fisheries. The GLFC's
web site contains information about coordinated fishery management, sea
lamprey control, research, exotic species, fish health and disease, fish
harvest and fish stocking. The GLFC has been a GLIN partner since 1995.


1997 State of the Great Lakes States
This page on the Great Lakes Commission's web site links to the state of
the state addresses from the region's governors. Available from GLIN's
What's New page at http://www.great-lakes.net/navigate/new.html


Also from the GLIN What's New page 
Several Organizations are now online, including the Michigan United
Conservation Clubs, Hoosier Environmental Council, Environmental
Industry Virtual Office in Canada, the U.S. EPA Lake Erie Team and
several law links.