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New material on-line at USEPA - GLNPO

New material is available for you viewing at USEPA GLNPO

The Pollution Prevention site has updated with new materials including
brochures to help in preventing Great Lakes pollution by household
chemicals like mercury.

The Monitoring site now contains the cruise schedule for the R/V Lake
Guardian.  Researchers are invited to join USEPA scientists on the R/V
Guardian to conduct their own monitoring and to share in USEPA collected

A new Environmental Justice site describes initiatives that are underway
and asks for your feedback.

The Contaminated Sediments site now boasts a full complement of reports
from the Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sediments Program

Please visit and tell us what you think of our site and especially of
the new material!

Pranas Pranckevicius
312 353-3437 (P)
312 353-2018 (F)