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GLRC Awards

February 27, 1997

CONTACT:	David Hammond, Managing Editor


-- The Great Lakes Radio Consortium wins three Broadcasting Excellence
Awards: Best Public Affairs Programming;  Best Use of Medium;  and, a
Merit Award in the Feature Category --

	ANN ARBOR  -- The Great Lakes Radio Consortium ("GLRC") was
awarded top honors among state broadcasters in the 1997 Michigan
Association of Broadcasters Broadcast Excellence Awards.  The awards,
which recognize outstanding achievement in Michigan television and radio,
were presented at the Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference and Expo at the
Lansing Center in Lansing, Michigan.  Accepting the awards were David
Hammond, Managing Editor, and Jon Hoban, Technical Director, of the Great
Lakes Radio Consortium.

	The award for Best Public Affairs Programming went to the Great
Lakes Radio Consortium for its environmental programming.  Since April
1996, the GLRC has been based at Michigan Radio in Ann Arbor with
operating bureaus in Chicago and Grand Rapids. Each week, the GLRC
produces a diverse mix of news spots, feature stories, and commentaries
for broadcast by noncommercial stations around the Great Lakes Basin.  All
focus on  regional issues that reflect the interrelatedness of the Great
Lakes ecosystem. 

	Best Use of Medium was awarded to the Great Lakes Radio Consortium
for "Girls' Garden," produced by Wendy Nelson and edited by David Hammond.
Airing September 9, 1996, this piece told the story of a vacant lot in
Grand Rapids that is home to an innovative project for inner-city girls.
Twelve young women plant and tend a garden of vegetables, herbs, and
flowers, which they sell to a local food co-op.  Each girl receives a
weekly stipend and puts part of the earnings into a bank account to be
used for school-clothes and supplies.  In Girls' Garden, the young women
find they learn more than how to grow plants; they're also learning
business skills like sales, marketing, and banking.  Along they way, they
get lessons in teamwork, conflict resolution, and self-esteem.  

	In the Feature category, the Merit Award winner was "Heartside
Development," produced by Wendy Nelson and edited by David Hammond for the
Great Lakes Radio Consortium.  Airing on October 21, 1996, the feature
explored issues of urban redevelopment and social stratification, focusing
on the effects that the new Van Andel Arena in downtown Grand Rapids was
having on those who make their home in that section of the city.

	The Broadcast Excellence Awards are sponsored by the Michigan
Association of Broadcasters, a 48-year old non-profit organization
dedicated to helping its 300 stations meet and exceed the FCC rules which
govern them.  The awards program is open to all commercial and public
stations in Michigan.  The competition was established to encourage the
highest standards of reporting, community service, and production


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