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CEA WEENIE for 1996-97

March 2, 1997



THE NOMINEES for 1996-97 Environmental WEENIE AWARD were:
>>1.  Imperial Chemical Industry (ICI) located in Sarnia Chemical Valley
>-using the entire St.Clair River to dump and dilute 500 million gallons of
>contaminated waste water, 27 substances in waste water are not included in
>Ontario Water Quality Objectives and includes sulphates that are harmful to
>fish species and habitat.
>>2.  City of Toronto - failing to divert minimum standards of garbage from
>landfilling and shipments to Michigan through Windsor
>>3.International Joint Commission - (IJC) a failure to
>communicate with the grass-roots people; cancelling Biennial meetings;
>refusing to take the problems in Detroit River AOC seriously; the Adele
>Hurley fiasco; lack of native representation; lack of technical and
>scientific work; still no restitution for the IJC library; operating a phone
>and desk in the Windsor field office and little else; providing a 'resthome'
>for retired diplomats to live out their days in obsurity.
>>4.  Wayne County Michigan - air quality problems in Windsor, discharging
>toxins  into the Detroit River, continual lack of response to Windsor
>citizen complaints of fallout, noise and odours, while stating that
>everything is in compliance; ignoring the issue of midnight & weekend
>emitters into the transboundary area.
>>5.  Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality - Detroit River mess, lack of
>concern for citizen issues, failure to support new EPA proposed air
>standards for PM and ozone; funding cuts, and control tactics in Detroit
>River RAP; totally wasting citizens time in arriving at no ultimate results
>for who does what in the Detroit River AOC.
>>6.  Detroit River RAP - this one takes in every agency involved - Michigan
>DEQ, City of Detroit, Ontario Ministry of Environment & Energy, Environment
>Canada, City of Windsor, Wayne County, US EPA.  Thanks for 10 years of nothing.
>>7.  Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) - lackies of
>Michigan Department of Environmental Quality regarding transboundary issues;
>no sensitivity for citizens issues in the Detroit River AOC.  Contract
>oriented only with no results, where is the meat? (or vegy's).
>>8.  Sergio Marchi - Federal Minister of Environment, Canada. - Can't seem
>to understand what the Canadian Environmental Protection Act(CEPA) is,  or
>what it means,  to citizens of Canada by watering down its potential;
>lifting the ban on the shipping of PCB wastes to US disposal companies;
>failure to act in response to transboundary concerns in the Detroit-Windsor
>area; the lack of concern regarding cuts to  environmental research; lack of
>a zero discharge mentality; failure to enforce mandatory substitution of
>hazardous substances regulation; failure to get tough on Great Lakes AOCs
>and Ontario complacency.
9.  Norm Sterling, Minister of Environment & Energy, Ontario - (MOEE) a
whole host of issues - pulling out of the Windsor Air Quality Committee but
taking credit for its work; relying on industry assurances that voluntary
programmes and de-regulation is the way to the promised land of re-election;
OntarioEnvironmental Bill of Rights funding cuts and meddling; lack of
attention on the transboundary area of Detroit and Windsor; smog plan that
is going no
where; no truck or auto emission testing programmes; sitting on a 1995 NDP
Govt. Environment Report till the news media had to use the Access to
Information Act to get it; giving ICI the permission to dump its waste
waters in the St.Clair River; continual lack of concern for
federal-provincial responsibility for Great Lakes AOCs;  funding cuts to
Remedial Action Plans; cutting in half the Windsor office of the MOEE and
surplusing needed staff and District Manager and leaving what is left of the
Windsor office answerable to Sarnia office (of all places).

After a brief discussion and noise level vote, the 1996-1997 WEENIE Award
was given to

Norm Sterling, Minister of Ontario Environment & Energy....

Dear Minister Sterling we will be watching you for improvements and an
attitude adjustment towards our environment in 1997.

Your name will be placed on the WEENIE AWARD to remind everyone of your past
deeds.  The WEENIE will be on display at the offices of the Citizens
Environment Alliance, 303-76 University Ave.W, in downtown Windsor.  We
would like to leave you with the comments of 

Victor Lichtinger, executive director of the NAFTA-created Commission for
Environmental Cooperation (CEC) [who], "warned business representatives in
December that "efforts to deregulate, decentralize, and de-fund
environmental programs" are part of "a potentially dangerous trend towards
weakening of environmental standards in North America  all under the
guise, sometimes, of voluntary compliance and self-regulation." 

Lets concentrate on protecting, and rehabilitating Ontario's environment
through effective policies and programmes and regulations, don't you agree?

Maybe you will be one of next years Enviro-Achievers' - we certainly hope so.

Special thanks to Artcite for the WEENIE creation.

Also thanks to Eclectic Cafe for hosting the WEENIE event.

>>Citizens Environment Alliance of Southwestern Ontario
>>ph. 519-973-1116
>>Fx. 519-255-7361
>>E-mail: riccawu@mnsi.net