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Electronic Town Meeting on WATER! (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 09:46:09 -1812
From: Lisa Denlinger <ldenling@indiana.edu>
Subject: Electronic Town Meeting on WATER!

Indiana University School of Continuing Studies
Indiana Town Meeting on the Environment: WATER!

Panel:          Concerned citizens and environmental experts from government, 
                      business and industry, law, and higher education

Topics:         The State of Water, Water in the State; Conflicts and Concerns; 
                      Balancing Our Competing Needs for Water
Taping:        May 12, 1997

To air:          Late May and early June, Indiana Public Broadcasting
stations statewide

Wanted:       Your participation. Send in your questions and comments *now* and
                       plan to participate on May 12 as a member of the
studio audience  
                       in Bloomington or via the VIC Network, an
interactive video network
                       with sites on all Indiana University campuses.

Phone:           1-800-700-5379
E-mail:           etm@indiana.edu
WWW:         http://www.indiana.edu/~scs/water.html

For info:        Eileen Witney, 812-855-8995

Eileen Witney
School of Continuing Studies
Owen Hall 302
Bloomington, IN 47405