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GL Environmental Journalism Institute

Deadline for Great Lakes Environmental Journalism Training Institute is
March 17, 1997... 
>         This is a reminder that the deadline for applying for fellowships
> to attend the second Great Lakes Environmental Journalism Training
> Institute at Michigan State University is Monday, March 17, 1997.  This
> four and a half day workshop, to be held May 20 to 24, at MSU's Kellogg
> Center and MSU's Journalism School, will bring together more than 25
> speakers on Great Lakes' environmental issues and environmental journalism.
>         This institute is aimed at training journalists from the Great
> Lakes states (New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois,
> Wisconsin and Minnesota) and the Canadian province of Ontario about
> environmental journalism and Great Lakes issues. The fellowship pays for
> your tuition, room and board, reading materials, computer training and
> tuition. There is no cost to apply. Journalists selected to participate
> must pay a $75 registration fee upon notification and acceptance.
>         Among the confirmed speakers so far are: Rae Tyson, president of
> the Society of Environmental Journalists;  Deborah Potter, a Poynter
> Institute associate who is a former environmental reporter for CBS-TV and
> CNN; Bill Dedman, a Pulitzer prize winning reporter now on the staff of The
> New York Times; Russ Clemings, an expert on computer-assisted reporting at
> The Fresno Bee; David Poulson, environmental writer at Booth Newspapers in
> Michigan; and many others.
>         The institute will consist of lectures, debates, hands-on
> exercises, workshops, tours and other educational programs. The 25
> journalists selected to participate will observe pollution-monitoring
> efforts on board the research vessel, Shenehon, on Lake Michigan; view
> environmental research at the Kellogg Biological Station in Hickory
> Corners, Michigan; visit a Lansing Lugnuts baseball game; and participate
> in other activities.
>         The institute is sponsored by the Knight, Gund, Dart and Helmut
> Stern foundations and the National Institute for Environmental Health
> Sciences in conjunction with the Society of Environmental Journalists, the
> MSU Environmental Journalism program and the MSU Institute for
> Environmental Toxicology.
>         To receive an application form and more information about the
> institute, contact Barb Miller, assistant to the Knight Chair, by calling
> 517-432-1415; by FAX at 517-355-7710; by e-mail at Mille384@pilot.msu.edu
> or by writing to 342 Communication Arts Building, Michigan State
> University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1212.