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1851-52 Great Lakes Shipping Correspondence (fwd)

A treat for those of you interested in Great Lakes shipping history....

see: http://www.rugreview.com/walbr.htm

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Date: Sat, 08 Mar 1997 02:01:18 -0800
From: Ron O'Callaghan <ronocal@mail1.lr.net>
To: cratza@glc.org
Subject: 1851-52 Great Lakes Shipping Correspondence

We have transcribed and published on our web page an extensive commercial 
correspondence of a Great Lakes Steamboat Co., c. 1851-52, that operated 
out of Buffalo, NY.  There is much interesting content for those 
interested in how the mails moved, railroads, business practices of the 
time, the history of the Great Lakes or of the Erie Canal, and, of 
course, the boats: the stern wheelers, side wheelers and the 
"propellers."  We would appreciate comments.  We would also like to hear 
from anyone who has a business directory for Buffalo, c. 1850, or any 
other resource, that would help us sort out some of the business names 
that crop up in the letters.  Please stop by.  http://www.rugreview.com, 
access "Asian Trade," scroll down to "The Stamp Room."  You will find a 
link at the head of the file, "Great Lakes Shipping Correspondence, 

Asian Trade
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