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URGENT ACTION REQUESTED - Timber Rattlesnake in WI (fwd)

Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 23:35:29 -0600
From: Gary Casper <gsc@csd.uwm.edu>
Subject: URGENT ACTION REQUESTED - Timber Rattlesnake in WI


The Timber Rattlesnake is in decline throughout its range, and year by year
more states are protecting it while the federal government has its hands
tied on species listings. A proposal to list the Timber as a Threatened
Species in Wisconsin is open for public comment through March 31, 1997. A
vocal minority is strongly opposed to this proposal, and actively lobbying
the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board to ensure they vote against the
listing proposal. 

WE NEED YOUR HELP. The Natural Resources Board must receive more comments in
favor of the listing than they are hearing against it. I have put up an
extensive information page at: 


There you will find info on how to send in comments and/or attend public
hearings. You may send your official comment by e-mail - it couldn't be
easier! But - YOU MUST COMMENT BY MARCH 31, 1997.

This vote is going to be a numbers game, so please distribute this message

Thank you for helping to protect this spectacular wildlife species.

- Gary Casper
Gary S. Casper
Coordinator, Wisconsin Herpetological Atlas Project
Chair, Great Lakes Declining Amphibians Working Group
please direct correspondance for Gary S. Casper to:
Vertebrate Zoology Section, Milwaukee Public Museum
800 W. Wells St., Milwaukee, WI 53233
voice (414)278-2766   fax (414)278-6100   E-mail gsc@csd.uwm.edu