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Great Lakes Commission 1996 Annual Report released

NOW AVAILABLE--The Great Lakes Commission's 1996 Annual Report



--1996 highlights of the Commission's work on issues such as air
quality, exotic species, dredging, soil erosion and sedimentation, and
congressional advocacy.

--Reports from Commission Chair Donald Vonnahme, of the Illinois
Department of Natural Resources, and Commission Executive Director
Michael Donahue.

--A look back at the six major themes that characterized the
Commissionís dozens of programs and projects in 1996. Learn more about
the Commission's role in legislative advocacy, the water quality/land
use connection, data exchange, basinwide planning, information
technology and partnerships. Comments are included from regional leaders
that have joined in and benefited from the Commission's work over the
past year.

--An updated staff directory and clickage image. 

Hard copies of the report are free of charge and available by
                Christine Manninen, ADVISOR Editor                      
                Great Lakes Commission  
                Argus II Bldg., 400 Fourth St.   
                Ann Arbor, MI 48103              
                Phone 313.665.9135, Fax 313.665.4370    
                E-mail: manninen@glc.org