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http://www.rio5.org.br (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 01:08:32 -0300
From: Kevin Hudgins <khudgins@terra.ecouncil.ac.cr>
To: glc@great-lakes.net
Subject: http://www.rio5.org.br

March 12, 1997
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Rio+5 Website is now on-line !

Dear Colleagues,

The Rio+5 Forum is now underway with more than 500 participants from
around the world arriving in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The Forum will
take place March 13-19, 1997 and will serve as an independant
civil-society review of the 1992 Earth Summit Agreements - five years
after Rio.

As a collaborative effort between the Earth Council, the International
Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and Alternex-Brazil, the
Rio+5 Website can now be found at: 


Throughout the week, we will be bringing you summary reports from daily
sessions, workshops, and press conferences as well as selected
multi-media coverage of key events.  (using RealPlayer -

We will also invite your participation through on-line comment forms. 
All input received from these forms will be synthesized for presentation
during the daily proceedings.

Additional background information on the Rio+5 process can also be found
on the Earth Council's Website at http://www.ecouncil.ac.cr/rio.  

Finally, we would like to thank our partner organizations around the
world who are serving as mirror sites for the Rio+5 Forum.  A list of
these sites can be found on the Rio+5 homepage.


Kevin Hudgins
The Earth Council
Rio+5 International Secretariat