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Lake Michigan Forum Meeting, June 18-19, 1997

The Lake Michigan Forum will hold its quarterly meeting in Kalamazoo,
Michigan on Wednesday June 18, and Thursday June 19, 1997.

The theme for this meeting is scheduled to be air transport of contaminants.

A public meeting will be held in Kalamazoo on the evening of June 18th
(location TBD).

The Lake Michigan Forum is comprised of stakeholders from around the Lake
that advise U.S. EPA on the Lake Michigan Lakewide Management Plan (LaMP).
The Forum also works on projects related to the LaMP.  These projects focus
on topics such as pollution prevention, land use, data management, and local
involvement in Lake-wide concerns.

The Lake Michigan Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) holds meetings in
the same locations as the Forum in order for the two groups to coordinate
their activities more effectively.  The TCC is made up of representatives
from state and tribal environmental and natural resource agencies in the basin. 

For further information on the Lake Michigan Forum and the public meeting in
Kalamazoo, please contact:

Tim Brown or Joel Sternstein
Clean Sites
53 W. Jackson Blvd. #1604
Chicago, IL  60604
312.554.0193 FAX
timbrown@igc.apc.org      jsternstein@igc.apc.org
-Joel Sternstein