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Great Lakes Commission 's 1996-1997 Work Plan

The Great Lakes Commission's 1996-1997 Work Plan is now available
online. Check under Hot Topics on the Commission's web site at

Please note that the work plan reflects specific projects that respond
to Commission priorities. Yet an integral component of the Commission's
work is its quick response capability to emerging regional, national and
binational issues. Such issues arise on a daily basis and therefore are
not reflected in the work plan. In fact, the "formal" projects presented
in the workp plan account for approximately two-thirds of total staff
time. The balance is directed at day-to-day coordination, quick
turn-around projects, policy development and advocacy efforts. 

Therefore, please consider this document as a reasonably thorough, yet
not comprehensive, overview of Commission program and project
priorities. Readers may wish to consult the ADVISOR, our bimonthly
newsletter, for regular updates on activities not addressed within.
Great Lakes Commission staff can also be contacted directly.

For more information, contact Executive Director Mike Donahue at
313-665-9135, or mdonahue@glc.org.
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