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OEN Spring Meeting - April 19 - T.O

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>      The OEN's Spring Meeting is focussed on what networks do
>      best - and citizens' groups need most - NETWORKING! 
>network n. a fabric of crossed threads notted at the
>intersections|| an interconnected system, a network of alliances
>network v. to make connections among people or groups
>                      Ontario Environment Network
>                   Spring Caucus Networking Meeting
>                          Saturday, April 19
>              Friends House, 60 Lowther Avenue, Toronto 
>             (2 blocks north of St. George Subway Station)
>9 a.m.     Welcome, introductions, overview of caucus sessions,
>           agenda review, brief OEN update.
>10 a.m.    Session One 
>           a) "What's a caucus?" introductory session
>           b) Energy Caucus
>12 noon    Lunch (on your own)
>1:30 p.m.  Session Two
>           (a) Waste caucus
>           (b) Land use caucus (to be confirmed)
>3:15 p.m. break
>3:30 p.m.  Session Three 
>           (a) Forest caucus
>           (b) Air caucus
>5:00 p.m.  Supper  (on your own)
>7:30 p.m.  OEN Caucus Strategy Reports
>8:00 p.m.  Environmental Strategies for Ontario
>           A "next steps" session, following on a strategy forum
>           convened by the Canadian Institute for Environmental Law
>           and Policy in March. CIELAP will report on the March
>           strategy session, and identify key questions and
>           strategic options. This session's goal: broadening the
>           discussion and setting objectives for the environmental
>           movement that respond to the changing attitudes of
>           government and political context of the late '90's.
>Session Summaries
>"What's A Caucus?" Session
>Volunteers of the OEN Network will provide an orientation for
>newcomers to the Caucus process.  The session will briefly
>describe the OEN and how it functions.  The main focus will be to
>describe the history and method of operation for the various
>issue caucuses of the OEN.
>Ontario Energy Environment Caucus Session
>The Ontario Energy Environment Caucus session will combine updates
>and strategy discussions in three critically important energy
>sector discussions: regualation and restructuring of the
>electricity sector, including the privatization of Ontario Hydro
>and the skewing of electricity rates in favour of large industrial
>users; the federal government's efforts to bury nuclear waste in
>northern Ontario; and CO2 reduction strategies. 
>Land Use Caucus Session
>Land trusts provide one important tool in protecting valued natural
>landscapes and important wetlands from development and urban
>pressures. Learn about land trusts, how they work and how their
>role in land use planning is affected by current government
>policies (to be confirmed).
>Forest Caucus Session
>The forest caucus discussions will focus on the forest situation in
>Ontario, member groups activities and future plans, and and
>developments on issues discussed at the Forest Caucus session in
>Temagami last September. Special session on the land use planning
>process for crown lands in Ontario, which the Ministry of Natural
>Resources intends to launch in May - public particpation essential!
>Air Caucus Session
>Recent Federal and provincial initiatives to reduce smog will be
>discussed with the purpose of bolstering efforts by the province to
>take effective action in improving air quality.  Potential effects
>on the downloading of transit costs to municipalities on the
>availability of alternatives to the car will also be discussed, as
>well as other local/regional air quality concerns from caucus
>members in attendance.
>Waste Caucus
>The caucus meeting will inclde presentations on changes that have
>been made or are bing proposed by the Province in waste management
>programmes and decision-making. Discussion will follow on the
>implications of this for work at in our communities and on how we
>can respond to the recent and proposed changes.
>      Registration $15 (fee covers meeting notice, site costs,
>      child care and refreshments)
>To request child care, please notify the OEN office by April 10
>at (519) 837-2565; email: oen@web.net. PREREGISTRATION FOR
>Please register in advance, indicating which caucus sessions you
>plan to participate in. Register by calling or e-mailing the
>Ontario Environment Network, tel 519 837 2565, email oen@web.net,
>mail 27 Douglas Street, Guelph, N1H 2S7