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CFD in Saginaw Bay

I am hoping this get to Detroit District person in charge of the project of
building dikes on the Confinded Disposal Facility in Saginaw Bay.  

I do not object to the construction of the dikes..However, if we are going to
spend millions of dollars to accomplish this over the next twenty years. Then
we should put all dredgings into the containment 
area. It make no sense to spend this money to build this facility and then dump
the most toxic substances over the side of the dredge and back into the bay
where it can possibly cause cancer in person coming in contact with it..It may
be more expensive up front. However, it is alot cheaper than paying attorneys
to defend you in malpractice suits should scientist ever make a direct
connection between this overflow practice and the high incidents of cancer in
the Saginaw Bay area.

Bernard H. Uhlmann
251 Donahue Beach
Bay City, Mi. 48706-1812
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