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Social Justice meeting

>The next Windsor & Area Coalition for Social Justice meeting is April 3 at
7:00pm.  Meeting has been relocated from Crescent Lanes Restaurant to
CUPW-SEIU Hall at 3943 Tecumseh Road East, upstairs.  CUPW is across the
street from Peppermints Lounge at George St. and Tecumseh Rd. E.  Call Rick
Coronado at CEA office 973-1116 for further information.  Coalition steering
committee will meet on April 3 at 6:30pm.

>ON Wednesday March 26, the CAW Regional Environmental Council is holding a
partisan political event with the NDP-Hampton group, and a representative -
bureaucrat or technocrat has been invited from the Ministry of Environment
and Energy to discuss and answer questions about cutbacks to the local
Ministry office, environmental disease, voluntary compliance,  etc.  A panel
of local environmental advocates will be assembled to ask questions and
public input will supplement the evening.  Media has been invited.
>NOTE: The Liberal Party (and its environmental record) have not been
invited - or left out.  This event starts at 6:00pm at CAW Local 1973 Hall,
3719 Walker Road.  >Just as well that Liberals are not invited, though,
listening to two political parties and a bureaucrat make excuses and attempt
to cover-up for environmental degradation over the last 5 years, would be
hard to take.  
>According to moderator, and Chair of the Council Ken Bondy, "Since taking
office in June of 95, this Government has launched an unprecedented attack
on every programme ever designed for the betterment of life in Ontario.  We
as an environment council feel that the cuts to education and health care
will only 
>regress the issues of the environment even further."  The Council is
holding this event as another stage of their ongoing campaign announced last
December titled, " Environmental Deregulation - A Recipe for Cancer".
>The expert panel consists of
>Jim Brophy - WOHIS
>Debbie Windsor - Windsor Air Quality Conmmittee
>Mark Parent - CAW Regional Council
>Lisa Tulen - Citizens Environment Alliance
>Trisha Harris - CAW-CEA Youth Environment Network
>Questions will be solicited from the floor.
>Our suggestion:  hold your nose and show up, time to reveal the fallacy of
political parties making any progress on environmental impacts with the
present economic and political regimes.  Maybe the CAW/ REG. Council  might
even spring for some beer, you may need it after this.  At least they need
support for trying to come to grips with the present mess.

P.S. Please excuse cross-postings duplications.

Mother Earth Society