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Re: Social Justice meeting

At 02:06 PM 26/03/97 -0500, Winter Jim wrote:
>Rick: could you please promote our "Press Freedom Day," which will take 
>place next Wednesday April 3 at noon, at the Windsor Star? We'll begin 
>with a demonstration and move to a teach-in at the press club.
>(I sent some information on this previously. If you want me to re-send, 
>please let me know. Thanks!)
>Jim Winter 

Jim, got your message previously but Wed is April 2 not April 3 so which is it?
April 3 is our the social justice meeting which this month is being held at
CUPW - SEIU (upstairs) Hall 3943 Tecumseh Rd.E at George Ave. (7:00pm) If I
don't hear from you I will call you later.