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need Fox islands contacts

For my dissertation research, I am looking for the names and contact
information for people involved with or concerned about the land transfer
proposal for North and South Fox Islands (located in Lake Michigan off the
northwest corner of the lower peninsula of Michigan).  I will be doing
in-depth interviews with about forty people from now through summer.  While
I am interested in the current proposed swap, I am also exploring the
original proposal by the previous developer to gain a historical
perspective.   I need people on all sides of the issue and in the public and
private sectors (including media, financiers/bankers, planners, activists,
developers, regulators, builders, politicians, biologists, recreationists,
etc.).  Also any ideas about where to locate written background materials,
newspaper or magazine articles, books, etc., (especially in hard to reach
places like personal file drawers) would be welcome.  I am also collecting
information on the natural history of the islands so any information in that
regard would be helpful (I do have Dr.  Judy Soule's report).  I am also
interested in any other development proposals or pressing issues for the
other islands in the Beaver Island archipelago so I can create a rich case
history.  Please feel free to email me privately at vigmo@pilot.msu.edu, or
call or just send information, and thanks in advance for your help.  All
information including emails will be kept confidential.

Karen Vigmostad, Doctoral Student
Department of Resource Development
Michigan State University
328 Natural Resources Building
East Lansing, MI 48824-1222
Phone 517-347-2652; Fax 517-353-8994