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June Labor March in Detroit

>>Sisters and Brothers:
>>Well "starting friction seems to be greater then rolling friction" as regards
>>the preperations for Action! Motown '97. Because we (strikers) have been thru
>>this too many times we don't want to wait any longer for the campaign to
>>bring thousands to Detroit on June 20-21, 1997. Please post this most recent
>>information on your web pages, E-mail lists, Auto-responders, etc. etc. and
>>we will continue to update you.  There are over 30,000 union locals in the
>>U.S. and Canada and we would like to reach every one of them thru internet
>>and with snail mail.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.
>>daymon j. hartley
>>former striker/locked-out newspaper photographer
>>photos available
>>An Open Letter to the Labor Movement and to All Our Supporters
>>April 1997
>>Dear Brothers and Sisters,
>>        It happened! The AFL-CIO Executive Council, meeting in Los Angeles
>>17-20, approved a call for a national labor mobilization in Detroit June
>>20-21. This mobilization will demonstrate labor's power and its determination
>>to fight back and defeat union-busting companies. It will also be an action
>>in solidarity with our struggle to get our jobs back under a fair union
>>        Enclosed is the letter from president John Sweeney,
>>Richard Trumka, and executive vice president Linda Chavez-Thompson announcing
>>the June actions.
>>        We are writing to express our most appreciative thanks to the
>>hundreds of
>>unions who sent messages supporting our appeal for the national mobilization.
>>All of us have been greatly warmed by the solidarity so many have shown us.
>>        We want everyone to know that despite the action taken by our
unions in
>>making an unconditional offer to return to work, only a small number of us
>>have been recalled. Management refuses to reinstate the 300 workers they
>>fired during the strike. The rest of us have been put on a "waiting list."
>>The publishers say they intend to keep all their scabs.
>>        The media is telling the public our struggle is over. They said
>>the same
>>about Bridgestone/Firestone after the union there made an unconditional offer
>>to return to work. But as you know, after a creative and militant campaign by
>>the Steelworkers Union, all of the Bridgestone/Firestone workers were able to
>>reclaim their jobs under a good union contract.
>>        We can have the same result in Detroit. But it will take a
>>massive, united
>>effort of the entire labor movement. Please do everything you can to mobilize
>>as large a contingent as possible from your union to come to Detroit in June.
>>Details of what will occur on the days of action will follow.
>>        We look forward to welcoming you to Motown. We hope this will
>>truly be a
>>national demonstration -- a Solidarity Day III -- that will open a new period
>>of labor victories all over the country.
>>In solidarity,
>>On behalf of 2000 locked-out Detroit newspaper workers and our families.
>>June Mobilization Committee
>>A Committee of Locked-Out Detroit Newspaper Workers and Supporters
>>P.O. Box 242
>>Sterling Heights, MI 48310
>>E-Mail: ActMotown@aol.com
>>March 10, 1997
>>Dear Brothers and Sisters:
>>            Thank you for the overwhelming support and solidarity you have
>>shown the 2,000 locked-out families at the Detroit Free Press and Detroit
>>News since the struggle began in July, 1995. With new developments in the
>>campaign, we need your help now more than ever.
>>            The AFL-CIO Executive Council in its historic winter meeting in
>>Los Angeles endorsed a bold, new strategy by the Detroit newspaper workers to
>>win back their jobs by returning to work and forcing the strikebreakers out.
>>             As part of the new strategy, four international unions--The
>>Communications Workers, The Newspaper Guild, Teamsters, and Graphic
>>Communications Union, along with the Detroit Metropolitan Council of
>>Newspaper Unions, in cooperation with the Metropolitan Detroit AFL-CIO, will
>>sponsor Action! Motown '97, a mass national mobilization in Detroit, on June
>>20-21, 1997. Action! Motown '97 will focus attention on anti-union Gannett,
>>parent of the News and USA Today, which has spent millions fighting its own
>>              The AFL-CIO has assigned a staff representative, John Cox, to
>>help coordinate the Action! Motown '97, working with the Metro Council.  For
>>further information on Action! Motown '97, please call 313-896-2600.
>>              We urge you to support and participate in Action! Motown '97
>>and join with others to make a statement for justice in this great fight.
>>John J. Sweeney
>>Richard L. Trumka
>>Linda Chavez-Thompson
>>Executive Vice President
>>Or for further information you can E-mail daymon j. hartley at (ActMotown@aol.
>Jonathan King
>Prof of Molecular Biology
>MIT, 68-330
>Cambridge, MA 02139
>617 253 -4700