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Indiana Electronic Town Meeting: WATER! (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 14:55:38 -1812
From: Lisa Denlinger <ldenling@indiana.edu>

Indiana Electronic Town Meeting on the Environment: WATER!

When Indiana became a state in 1816, it had a population of well under
100,000. Today, its population approaches 6 million-yet the state has the
same water resources as it had in 1816. Is there enough water to meet
Hoosiers' current and future needs? How are our water resources managed? Is
our water safe? Are floods inevitable? How can we balance our competing
needs for water?

Find out the answers to these questions and others during the "Indiana
Electronic Town Meeting on the Environment: WATER!," the latest in a series
of electronic town meetings sponsored by the Indiana University School of
Continuing Studies. Topics will include the amount of water in the state,
its quality, and its uses and management. The program will be taped on May
12, 1997, and will air on Indiana public television stations in late May
and early June. 
Questions will be answered by the following panel of environmental experts: 
*       Bill Beranek, president, Indiana Environmental Institute
*       Sharen Jarzen, section chief, Nonpoint Source Section, Office of
	Water Management, Indiana Department of Environmental
*       William Jones, professor, School of Public and Environmental
	Affairs, Indiana University
*       Robert Meeks, state senator, District 13
*       Phillip Scaletta, chairman, Environmental Practice Group, Ice
	Miller Donadio & Ryan; and past president, Environmental
	Law Section, Indianapolis Bar Association
*       Lee Schnapp, water quality policy director, Hoosier Environmental  
*       Garry Tom, president, Indiana Association of Soil and Water        
        Conservation Districts, Inc.
*       Gwen White, biologist, Lake and River Enhancement Program, Indiana 
        Department of Natural Resources
*       Dan Willard, professor, School of Public and Environmental Affairs,
        Indiana University

Indiana citizens are encouraged to participate in the town meeting in one
of two ways: they can submit their questions or comments now using voice
mail, electronic mail, a fax number, a World Wide Web site, or a postal
address; or they can participate in the May 12 taping, either from Studio 6
of the Radio-TV Building on the Indiana University Bloomington campus or
from interactive video sites on all other Indiana University campuses. 

To submit your questions or comments now, call 1-800-700-5379, send an 
e-mail message to etm@indiana.edu, send a fax to 812-855-8997, or mail a
letter to Electronic Town Meeting, Owen Hall 205, Bloomington, IN 47405. 

For more information on the May 12 taping, contact Eileen Witney by calling
812-855-8995 or by sending an e-mail message to etm@indiana.edu.
Information about the town meeting is also available on the World Wide Web
at http://www.indiana.edu/~scs/water.html.