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Dear Friends of the Great Lakes:

What is the latest word on fish advisories, Great Lakes 
water levels, steelhead harvests in the St. Joseph River, 	
and research on endocrine disrupting chemicals?

To find the answers to these and a host of other Great
Lakes topics, consult the latest electronic version of 
the "Office of the Great Lakes Activity Report" for April,

In an effort to expand our readership and save money, 
we are promoting the electronic version of this popular 
publication, and plan to update it on a monthly basis.  
The "Activity Report" is easily accessed via the Office of 
the Great Lakes homepage at:


Pleae notify your associates of our presence on the Internet.
For further information, or if you have any announcements or
articles relating to the Great Lakes that you would like to 
have included in the "Activity Report," please contact Martha 
Waszak at (517) 335-4112; e-mail: waszakm@deq.state.mi.us