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Lake Erie Protection Fund RFP's

Dear Friend of Lake Erie:

The 1997 Lake Erie Protection Fund Implementation Grant Cycle
is underway, and the Ohio Lake Erie Office, on behalf of the Ohio 
Lake Erie Commission, is accepting pre-proposal applications 
through May 2, 1997. A minimum of $500,000 will be awarded in
Lake Erie Protection Fund grants for the 1997 cycle. The pre-proposal 
application is the first step in the Fund's grant cycle.

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission has set the following priorities for
the 1997 grant cycle:
	1.  Projects Involving Lake Erie Ecosystem Changes
	2.  Coastal Management Demonstration and Implementation Projects
	3.  Nonpoint Pollution Implementation Projects
	4.  Pollution Prevention Implementation Projects

Grants will be awarded to governmental, educational, and
nonprofit organizations within Ohio. To be considered, projects must
benefit Ohio or be affiliated with an Ohio plan or program. Private
for-profit  businesses are not eligible for funding.

Pre-proposals must be received at the Ohio Lake Erie Office by
Friday, May 2, 1997 at 5:00 p.m. to be eligible for funding

Contact the Ohio Lake Erie Office to receive a pre-proposal application
form and guidelines explaining the Lake Erie Protection Fund
in greater detail. Send your name and mailing address via e-mail to
oleo@great-lakes.net; call (419)245-2514; or write to the Ohio Lake
Erie Office, One Maritime Plaza, Toledo, Ohio  43604-1866.
E-mail: Ohio Lake Erie Office <OLEO@great-lakes.net>
Date: 04/09/97
Time: 17:34
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