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NISA funds

	Dear NISA Contacts:

	It's been a while since I've communicated to you about NISA. But, as you 
know, passing a bill is just a first step toward protecting a resource.  Next we 
have to drum up the financial resources to allow the agencies to do the work 
they are newly authorized to carry out. (The next step after that is to closely 
watch implementation and make sure that it is as effective as possible). The 
funding step could be every bit as difficult as gaining enactment of the 
legislation, if you can imagine that.  The good news (I hope) is, once again, 
you can help. 

	The bill passed too late for agencies to include new NISA programs in 
their budgets for fiscal year 1998, so it is up to Congress if funds are to flow 
to these activities.  I'm writing to inform you that the two lead sponsors of 
the legislation, Senator Glenn in the Senate, and Congressman LaTourette in the 
House, are circulating to their colleagues letters addressed to the 
Appropriations leadership supporting adequate funding levels for NISA programs 
within NOAA, the FWS, the Corps of Engineers, and Coast Guard.  The more 
Congressional signatures these letter have on them, the more they will be heeded 
by appropriators.

	If you have an interest in seeing NISA implemented sooner rather than 
later, and it is appropriate for you to do so, now is a good time to contact 
your Senators and Representative to urge them to sign the letters.  We are 
targeting cosponsors of the legislation, nationally, but any ol' Member of 
Congress would do just fine.  If they are not cosponsors, they should contact 
Glenn or LaTourette for a copy of the NISA appropriations letter to review.

	this is on a fast track, especially in the House.  I hope everyone is 
well.  I'll keep you posted of progress.

	Allegra Cangelosi