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Approps for Env. Programs

	Dear Friends of the Great Lakes:

	Recently Senator Glenn and Congressman LaTourette circulated to their 
Great Lakes colleagues in the House and Senate letters seeking adequate 
appropriations for federal programs that benefit the Great Lakes environment.  
These letters are critical barometers of support, which appropriators weigh 
heavily in their difficult decisions over allocation of diminishing resources.  
Most of you are very familiar with the federal Great Lakes programs and their 
importance to the overall effort to protect and restore the Great Lakes 
resource.  If you have feelings one way or the other on funding for these 
programs, it is a good time to contact your members and let them know what they 
are.  The House letters are almost ready to be sent to appropriators, but the 
Senate letters have a little more time, and signatures are still being sought.

	Allegra Cangelosi