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National River Cleanup Week (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 18 Apr 97 12:48:55 MST
From: RICH_GREENWOOD@mail.fws.gov
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Subject: National River Cleanup Week

          Original Date:        April 1, 1997
          From:                 John Rogers, Acting Director
          To:                   All FWS Employees
          Subject:              National River Cleanup Week
          (NOTE TO SUPERVISORS:  Please ensure that all employees 
          without E-mail access receive a paper copy of this 
          All-employee bulletin.)
          The Sixth annual National River Cleanup Week will be 
          May 10 - 17, 1997.  American Rivers and America Outdoors are 
          co-national coordinators of the event.  Federal partners 
          include the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, USDA Forest 
          Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Bureau of 
          Reclamation.  The Service and these other agencies joined 
          forces with outfitters, local clubs, service organizations 
          and local groups during 1996 National River Cleanup Week to 
          clean over 5,700 miles of shoreline.  Since its inception in 
          1992, over 177,000 volunteers have participated in 2,655 
          cleanups covering 46,800 miles of waterways. A cleanup 
          creates an alliance between public and private groups that 
          becomes a source of positive community action for 
          restoration of compromised waterways.  
          I invite you to participate in the National River Cleanup 
          Week projects.  Anyone interested in organizing a cleanup 
          effort in their area is encouraged to call for a 
          registration form from America Outdoors at 423-558-3595 or 
          American Rivers at 202-547-6900.  An online registration 
          form and additional information about this event is at 
          http://www.americaoutdoors.org.  Registering for a cleanup 
          is free.  Cleanups registered prior to April 1st and 
          conducted during the official week are eligible to receive 
          free trash bags, cleanup kits and safety tips.  A video, 
          Organizing a Successful River Cleanup, is also available for 
          $10.95 with all proceeds benefiting National River Cleanup 
          For Employees in the Washington D.C. area, the National River 
          Cleanup Week Kickoff Event will be held on May 10th on the 
          Anacostia River.  If you would like to participate, call Pat 
          Mazik, Fisheries, at (703) 358-1715.  It's a great community 
          service opportunity and a chance to do something good for 
          fish and wildlife habitat.