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A media inquiry.....

Dear Friends:

We have been contacted by Fortune magazine which is 
doing research for an upcoming story on the issue of 
“The Incentive Wars Between the States.”  As we have 
seen, this issue is gaining national media attention 
as well as an increased scrutiny by local 
communities and states.  Several states have 
introduced or passed Resolutions similar to Ohio’s 
asking the Federal Government to identify and 
eliminate their programs which are fueling these 
wars between states.  In particular, Fortune 
magazine is interested in obtaining information on 
the following items:

1.   Examples of companies receiving significant 
“incentive packages” in order to create jobs in 
which promised results were never obtained or 
2.   Examples of large overall “government 
subsidized” projects
3.   Examples of states / communities actually 
implementing clawbacks or sanctions on incentives 
gone sour.  

Through a literature search we have come up with a 
few examples of the above.  However, you may know of 
an example in your state or area that we are not 
familiar with.  If you have any pertinent 
information - please let us know.  Receipt of 
information ASAP would be appreciated.  Thanks for 
your help.  

Senator Chuck Horn
State Senator - Ohio

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