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GL Bill Needs Cosponsors

Dear Friends of the Great Lakes,

	Senator Glenn and Congressman LaTourette will hold a press conference 
and introduce the Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act (GLFWRA) of 1997 
on Friday, April 25.  The bill reauthorizes the Fish and Wildlife coordinating 
offices in the region and sets up a state grants program to encourage 
implementation of fish and wildlife restoration objectives.  The more original 
co-sponsors the bill has, the better the chance that it will be taken seriously 
and pass through the legislative process with relatively few problems.  

	Currently GLTF members are slow to sign on since no one in their 
districts has expressed much interest in the legislation. If you support the 
effort, please contact your Representative and Senators to ask them to join 
LaTourette and Glenn on this important bill AS SDOON AS POSSIBLE.  Sign-off by 
THURSDAY afternoon would allow us to announce the cosponsorship at the press 
conference. If you would like to have more information on the specifics of the 
legislation, please contact Dale Burkhette of the FWS Region 3 office, or our 
Great Lakes Task Force fellows: Sara Gottlieb in Mr. LaTourette's office 
(202-225-5731) and Whitman Miller in Senator Glenn's office (202-224-0388). 

	House members already signed onto the bill include: (LaTourette), 
Oberstar, Elhers, Dingell, English, Stupak, Quinn, D. Davis, Rivers, Kaptur, and 
S. Brown.  Senate members already signed onto the bill include: (Glenn), Levin

	Sara Gottlieb
	Allegra Cangelosi