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BALLERINA: GLIN's first 'sister' is born...

Stockholm, 29/4 1997


Today, the web site BALLERINA (Baltic Sea Region
on-line environmental information resources for Internet
access) was officially launched in Stockholm.

BALLERINA is designed to guide to a broad spectrum of information 
resources and ways to communciate on environmental and natural 
resource issues and sustainable development issues in the 
Baltic Sea Region. 

The Great Lakes Information Network - GLIN - is the 'model' for
BALLERINA. The GLIN Director Carol Ratza, who was in the Baltic
Region for a month in 1996 supporting its development, is by many
considered the 'mid-wife' of BALLERINA. 

The target audience is the 'environmentally concerned' audience
in the Baltic Sea Region - and elsewhere - ranging from students
in high schools, to the professional environmental management 
community and scientists.

BALLERINA is the result of a co-operative effort to 
provide comprehensive information on-line. 

BALLERINA is financially supported by the European Environment
Agency, the Ministries of Environment in Norway and Sweden, and the 
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Acting lead parties are UNEP/GRID-Arendal and Stockholm Marine
Research Centre (SMF).

For further information:
Visit BALLERINA (http://www.baltic-region.net/)
or contact
Dr. Sindre Langaas, UNEP/GRID-Arendal, BALLERINA network co-ordinator
Phone: +46-8-161737. E-mail: langaas@grida.no
or contact
Ms. Britt Hagerhall Aniansson, SMF
Phone: +46-18-469966. E-mail: ballerina@smf.su.se