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CRP on the floor today

GLIN Community:

	I received the following note from Sara Gottlieb, the NE-MW Great Lakes 
Task Force Sea Grant Fellow in the House, and thought you might be interested.  
Please contact her if you have questions.

	Allegra Cangelosi


This is reported in today's House Republican Conference Floor Prep:

The House will be considering H.R. 1342 - Extending Expiring CRP
Contracts today under suspension of the rules.  The bill would allow
farmers, whose current 10-year contracts expire on Sept. 30, 1997 to
enter into a one-year contract while the Dept. of Ag. evaluates their
CRP bid.  If the farmer's land is ultimately accepted into CRP, the
contract automatically converts to a standard 10-year contract, if the
land is rejected, it will be released from CRP after the one-year
contract expires on Sept. 30, 1998.  CBO estimates that if the bill is
enacted before May 30, 1997, enactment would result in net savings of
$75 million in FY 98, but have no net impact over the 1998-2002 period.
If the bill is enacted after May 30, CBO estimates enactment will result
in additional one-time costs of $200 million in FY 1999.  [2/3 majority
vote is needed for passage].

Ciao -

Sara J. Gottlieb
House Great Lakes Task Force Staff
Office of the Honorable Steven LaTourette
1239 Longworth HOB
phone: (202) 225-5731
FAX: (202) 225-3307