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March/April ADVISOR

ADVISOR, March/April 1997
Bimonthly newsletter of the Great Lakes Commission
<<-Feature article->>
Rising lake levels: Rising concern
How high will water levels on the Great Lakes get this year? Three of
the region's leading authorities on lake levels analyze historical
trends and the factors that contribute to fluctuating levels. Graphs
illustrate how current levels compare with all-time highs, lows and
averages for each lake. Also, learn more about a partnership to design
and populate a set of water quantity pages on the Great Lakes
Information Network.
<<-Commission Briefs->>
Great Lakes Day in Washington--Get a preview of the Commission's
legislative and appropriations priorities for the first session of the
105th Congress.
Great Lakes Basin Program for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control--20 new
projects recently selected for funding. Check out the initiatives in
your state!
Also learn more about

* The Great Lakes Spill Protection Initiative
* Great Lakes research vessel coordination
* Corps restructuring
* The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Mayors' Conference, July 14-18 in Toledo
* New size, catch limits for sport fish
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