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Visualizing the Great Lakes

Please excuse me for posting this to the entire list, but I'm having trouble 
"getting through" to the e-mail address of the person who posed the question 
about using images from the Visualizing the Great Lakes web site.  Here's my 
response to that person:

Visualizing the Great Lakes was a Minnesota Sea Grant/EPA project.  The images 
are meant to be used-- you can use them on your site AS LONG AS THE APPROPRIATE 
CREDIT IS GIVEN TO THE ORIGINATOR OF THE IMAGE (this info. is on the web site). 
As far as I'm concerned, you have our permission to use the images.  If you'd 
like to contact someone at the EPA, try Bob Beltran - (312) 886-7463.

If the images off the web aren't high enough quality for you to use, we have a 
CD Rom or a slide set we loan out for a rather low fee.  Just give us a call at 
(218) 726-8106.

Responding to the message of <336782F6.59CB@netscape.com>
from Sashi Vasanjee <vasanjees@netscape.com>:
> Environment Canada - Ontario REgion is creating a CD-ROM entitled 
> Discover The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Ecosystem (this name will probably 
> change, however).  We would like permission to use some of the images 
> from the "Visualizing the Great Lakes" site.  Would you be able to help 
> me find the right person to give us this persmission.   Thank you.  
> Judith Ann Smith

Marie Sales, msales@d.umn.edu
Communications Coordinator
MN Sea Grant, University of MN - Duluth
(218) 726-7677   Fax: (218) 726-6556
MN Sea Grant Home Page:  http://www.d.umn.edu/~seagr/