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At 03:17 PM 4/29/97 -0700, Matt Doss wrote:
>Improving Watershed Management Through Creative Land-Use Planning
>Friday, May 9 - Muskegon, Mich.
>--- Registration Deadline is Monday, May 5 ---
>Innovative approaches for incorporating watershed management goals into
>the land-use planning process will be the topic of a one-day workshop
>being held on Friday, May 9, 1997 in Muskegon.
>The workshop will highlight specific techniques available to help
>communities accommodate growth while protecting water resources and
>maintaining a high quality of life.  The workshop is open to all
>interested parties and is designed especially for planning and zoning
>officials, Remedial Action Plan participants, developers and others
>involved in land-use planning and watershed management.
>The workshop is being held from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Hilt
>Building located at 427 W. Western in downtown Muskegon. There will be a
>$10 charge for lunch at the workshop.  The workshop is sponsored by the
>Statewide Public Advisory Council for Michigan's Areas of Concern Program
>and the Muskegon Lake and White Lake Public Advisory Councils.
>Featured speakers at the workshop include
>**      Keith Charters, executive director, New Designs for Growth and
>        chair, Michigan Natural Resources Commission; drawing from his
>        experience in Grand Traverse County and using examples from his
>        organization's highly acclaimed Guidebook, Charters will review
>        options for joint venturing in land-use planning, open space
>        development, water quality buffers and other design options for
>        environmentally sensitive development.
>**      Barry Lonik, executive director of the Potawatomi Land Trust in
>        Washtenaw County; Lonik will review innovative land-use planning
>        approaches, including creative zoning ordinances, conservation
>        easements, land trusts and purchase of development rights.
>**      Maureen Templeton, drain commissioner, Grand Traverse County;
>        Templeton will discuss innovative, watershed-based initiatives to
>        managing stormwater to minimize water quality impacts and create
>        and enhance natural habitat.
>**      Rep. Howard Wetters, chair of the Special Committee on Land Use
>        and the Agriculture Committee, Michigan House of Representatives;
>        Drawing from his work on these committees, Rep. Wetters will
>        provide a legislative perspective on land-use reform in Michigan.
>The workshop will conclude with a panel discussion involving local
>officials, PAC members, business representatives and community members.
>With input from the audience and the workshop speakers, the panel will
>develop an action agenda for participants to pursue in their work in
>Muskegon and western Michigan.
>** The workshop registration deadline is Monday, May 5. **
>For additional information or to request a copy of the agenda and
>registration form, contact
>        Matt Doss
>        Great Lakes Commission
>        ph: 313-665-9135
>        fax: 313-665-4370
>        email: mdoss@glc.org.
>Matt Doss
>Great Lakes Commission
>Argus II Bldg. -- 400 Fourth St.
>Ann Arbor, MI  48103-4816
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>E:  mdoss@glc.org
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