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President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection

     The President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection is 
     requesting information regarding technologies and capabilities for 
     protecting critical infrastructures vital to our nation's economic and 
     national security.  Of particular concern are physical and cyber  
     threats.  Eight critical infrastructures have been identified: (1) 
     telecommunications, (2) electrical power systems, (3) gas and oil 
     storage and transportation, (4) banking and finance, (5)   
     transportation, (6) WATER SUPPLY SYSTEMS, (7) emergency services, and 
     (8) continuity of government services.  The Commission has retained 
     the Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory to act on
     its behalf in soliciting and collecting this information.  
     The Commission designed a survey template to facilitate this critical 
     infrastructure data collection effort.  The survey template can be 
     requested via e-mail at formpccip@anl.gov, or downloaded from  
     www.dis.anl.gov/survey.  Responses must be received no later than May 
     30, 1997, to guarantee inclusion in the Commission's report.      
     Taking time to provide information may increase organizational 
     visibility, not only with the Commission, but also with government 
     agencies and private-sector entities needing infrastructure protection 
     technologies and capabilities.  Responses will be entered into a  
     database and made available to the government and private sector.  The 
     Commission will use the information to help (1) formulate critical 
     infrastructure protection strategies, and (2) develop recommendations 
     for research and development programs to address technology 
     For more information on this critical infrastructure protection 
     technologies and capabilities data collection or the Commission, 
     please contact Mr. Jerry Gillette at 630/252-7475 or