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Coastal Zone Canada '98 Conference

Apologies for Cross Posting...

"Community-based Integrated Coastal Management: Sharing Our Experience
- Building Our Knowledge" Victoria, British Columbia, Canada August 30
to September 3, 1998

The Fourth Coastal Zone Canada conference will be held in the Victoria
Conference Centre from August 30 to September 3, 1998. Tours and field
trips will follow the conference and training sessions will precede

The goal of the conference is to prepare coastal communities for
developing, implementing and monitoring coastal management plans into
the 21st Century.

Questions to be addressed at the conference include:

What do coastal communities need to know about Integrated Coastal
Management? What can science and industry contribute to assist the
community-based approach? What training will be needed to develop,
implement and monitor community-level plans? What can senior
governments contribute to community-based Integrated Coastal
Management? How can communities contribute meaningfully to policy
development processes? How can the views and aspirations of young
people be included in community-based coastal management? How can the
roles and responsibilities of aboriginal peoples be integrated into
community-based coastal management?

The intended outcome of CZC98 is a set of Models for integrated
coastal management to be tried and tested by participating countries
with a challenge to report progress at future Coastal Zone Canada
Conferences and in other meetings dealing with integrated coastal

To receive further information, write CZC98, Institute of Ocean
Sciences PO Box 6000, SIDNEY, British Columbia Canada V8L 4B2; fax:
CZC98 Institute of Ocean Sciences (250) 363-6479 or e-mail

Check the conference website for more details: 

and be sure to let me know if you're coming out to visit!!


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