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Biodiversity workshop (fwd)

to the GLIN society:

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Date: Thu, 8 May 1997 12:24:09 -0400
From: Biodiversity & Systematics Course <biodiv@biology.queensu.ca>
To: cratza@glc.org
Subject: Biodiversity workshop

Dear Dr. Ratza,

	I wish to invite you or members of your society to attend an
exclusive workshop dedicated to understanding the vast and complex set of
issues surrounding biological diversity.  This module (held in Ottawa from
July 9th through the 13th) will be offered as part of the month-long
International Summer School on Biodiversity and Systematics. presented by
The Canadian Museum of Nature and Queen's University.  While
biologically-centred, the course will also explore the connection between
biological diversity and other important human concerns (e.g. economics,
policy, development, law).  The format of the course is of lectures
delivered by invited experts from a large number of institutions
(universities, government, non-governmental organizations etc.).  The
enrollment cap of 50 participants ensures that there will be ample scope
for lecturer-participant interaction.  A more complete description of the
course can be found in brief advertisement included below.  Our web-site
(http://biology.queensu.ca/~biodiv) is updated weekly and contains on-line
application forms, faculty lists and other workshop details.  Despite the
somewhat late date of this mailing , I hope that members from your society
will be able to attend.  We would appreciate you passing this information
onto other agencies or individuals who might find this workshop of
interest.  If feasible we would also appreciate your drawing attention to
our workshop through bulletins or newsletters that your society might
publish over the next two months.

	Thank you.  If you have further questions please feel free to
contact me.


						Stephen C. Lougheed PhD

International Summer School on BIODIVERSITY & SYSTEMATICS 1997
Presented by the Canadian Museum of Nature (Ottawa) in partnership with
Queen's University.

Module I: Seeing the Big Picture (July 9 - July 13)
Module II: Exploring the Details (July 14 - Aug. 7)

	This short course provides participants from professional and
academic sectors with an introduction to the key issues and concepts of
biodiversity and systematics. It will not be limited to the biological
sciences but will explore the interaction between academic inquiry in these
areas and the wide variety of human endeavour and values.

	Students learn how the current assemblage of life arose, is
maintained, and might be conserved in the future. The course will also
challenge students to view the phenomenon of nature from perspectives other
than the number, distribution, and classification of organisms.

	Module I: is a general, intensive overview of the diversity of life
on earth; its form, function, classification, study, and the ways in which
human's concerns impinge upon it. For both biologists and non-biologists
this module will offer a chance to gain perspective on an immense and
complex set of issues.

	Module II: is intended for biologists or others continuing on from
Module I, who have a keen interest in biodiversity and systematics. It
includes: an overview of the major divisions in the living world including
field exercises in identification and study; theory underlying biodiversity
and systematics with laboratory exercises in phylogeny inference and
software usage; an exploration of the extensive collections housed in the
state-of-the-art facilities of the Canadian Museum of Nature; more involved
study of other issues (economics, law, policy, human development,
conservation) reprised from Module I.

Format for the course is invited lectures and informal interaction with
expert faculty from a variety of institutions world-wide (academic,
government, private etc.).

- Module I only: tuition - $1000.00 (CDN); *accommodation ($120.00)
- Module I & II: tuition - $2000.00 (CDN); *accommodation ($900.00)

*accomodation through the workshop is optional; rates are based on

For further information on this course please contact:

Dr. Stephen Lougheed
Director, Workshop on Biodiversity & Systematics
Department of Biology, Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario,, CANADA K7L 3N6
email: biodiv@biology.queensu.ca
PH: 613-545-6128;  FAX: 613-545-6617

International Summer School on
Biodiversity & Systematics

Director: Dr. Steve Lougheed
Asst. Director: Andrew Chek

Department of Biology
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
Canada.  K7L 3N6

Ph: 613-545-6128
FAX: 613-545-6617