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Climate Change Symposium, May 13-15

Adapting to Climate Change and Variability in the Great Lakes-
St. Lawrence Basin


May 13-15, 1997
SkyDome Hotel - Toronto, Ontario

Theme: Assessing the risks of climate change and variability in the
Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Basin and identifying sustainable adaptation
responses through the integration of industry, governance,
non-government and scientific perspectives.

Sponsored by NOAA, Environment Canada, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and the Great Lakes Commission.

Additional information, including the program agenda and list of
abstracts, is available at

Attendance is by invitation only. A public forum will be held on the
evening of May 14. Related events are being planned for media

For more information, contact

	Linda Mortsch
	Environment Canada
	Phone: 905-336-6417
	E-mail: linda.mortsch@cciw.ca


	Frank Quinn
	NOAA, Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
	Phone: 313-741-2255
	E-mail: quinn@glerl.noaa.gov