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Great Lakes Unietd annual meeting May 30 - June 1

     "Basinwide Organizing for the Future"

               Great Lakes United
          15th Annual General Meeting
          Cedar Glen Conference Center
         Bolton, Ontario, near Toronto
            May 30 -- June 1, 1997

-- See agenda below --

Great Lakes Untied is a coalition of 150 environmental,
conservation, hunter/angler, labor, and community
organizations and First Nations working to protect
and conserve the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River

Keynote speaker

The highlight of this year's annual meeting is keynote
speaker Ruth Grier.  Ms. Grier is that rare creature
-- a citizen environmental activist who manages to gain
substantial political power on environmental issues
while still holding onto her principles.  Grier was
environment minister for the province of Ontario and
its 9 million citizens from 1990 to 1994.  Grier, who
now teaches at the University of Toronto's Innis College,
should present a fascinating perspective on Basin
environmental affairs.

Great venue

This year's meeting will be held in the most idyllic
setting we have ever been able to affordably secure --
Cedar Glen Conference Center in Bolton, about 30 minutes
northwest of Toronto.  Set among trees and water on 265
acres of land, the meeting should be calming as well as
fun and informative.

Hot topics

Topic A is development -- scourge of farms, wetlands,
and sustainable water use.  What are the environmentally
sound alternatives to sprawl? Not a widely discussed
topic among Basin citizen groups, development is arguably
one of the greatest threats to both water quantity and
quality in the Great Lakes Basin over the long term. A
diverse panel of development activists and policymakers
from both the United States and Canada will discuss what
we can we do about development both responisbly and

Topic B is the International Joint Commission, the source
of so much useful environmental infornmation and policy
suggestions for the Great Lakes in the last ten years.  The
organization is in danger of being marginalized by the very
governments that created it.  We need to figure out what Basin
citizens should do at the IJC's newly revamped public meetings,
particularly the replacement for the IJC biennial scheduled for
this fall in Niagara Falls, Ontario. IJC Commissioner Alice
Chamberlin will be on hand to help discuss this topic. Your
input will play a role in our decisionmaking on this issue!

Topic C is the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, now up for
renegotiation during its 25th anniversary.  This document is the
basis of internatinoal cooperation on lakes environmental
issues -- should it be renegotiated at this time?  If so, how
should it be changed? Agreement experts and old Basin hands Lee
Botts and Paul Muldoon will assist in this discussion. Again,
attendee input will help guide GLU's position on this important

GLU's future work

We will also being conducting in-depth planning sessions on
GLU's future work in five issue areas:

o   Habitat and biodiversity
o   Pollution preventiona and human health
o   Remediation (in RAPs, LAMPs)
o   Sustainable water policy (diversions, water conservation,
    water system privatization), and
0   Nuclear power.

All but habitat and biodiversity are either inaugurating or
reworking their workplans at this session; PLEASE CONSIDER
IN THESE AREAS!  This is the first time workplan specifics
will have been discussed at a general membership meeting --
plaese attend and make your opinion known!

As always, the meeting will also run a number of workshops and
we will have a delicious Saturday night banquet, dancing and
music -- see below.

To register, call the GLU main office at (716) 886-0142, or
fill out the form at the bottom of this message and email it
to glu@igc.org or fax it to (716) 886-0303.


Great Lakes United
15th Annual General Meeting
Cedar Glen Conference Center
Bolton, Ontario, just north of Toronto
May 30 -- June 1, 1997

"Basinwide Organizing for the Future"

------Friday, May 30------

1:00pm  Choice of tours

o  Niagara Escarpment
   --Cliff ecosystems
o  Boyne River Natural Science School
   --living machine" waste disposal system
o  Husky Injection Molding Systems Bolton
   --corporate environmental responsibility

7:00  Reception

7:45  "Great Lakes, Bright Lights"

Meetings of attendees from the five lakes and
the St. Lawrence River, reports back, postings
to the meeting's "Citizens' Wall"

9:45  Reception

------Saturday, May 31------

8:00am  Breakfast/Topic tables

Attendees are encouraged to sit at (or announce
and lead) tables for eaters to informally discuss
any Great Lakes topic

8:45  First Nations' and President's welcomes

9:00  Panel: "Halting the Development Juggernaut:
              Environmentally Sound Alternatives"

Panelists: U.S. and Canadian land use citizen
activists, land-use planners, and land-use officials

10:15  GLU workgroup strategy sessions pre-briefing

10:45  Choice of GLU workgroup strategy sessions

Attendees will discuss the overall status of
workgroup issues, recommend strategy for Great Lakes
United and member organizations to move those issues
forward, and propose policy resolutions for
consideration at the Sunday morning business meeting.

o  Biodiversity
o  Sustainable Waters (water quantity issues)
o  Nuclear-Free Great Lakes
o  Pollution Prevention and Human Health
o  Remediation
   (RAPs, LAMPs, Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement)
   --Lee Botts, John Jackson,
     Paul Muldoon, and Don Munton

12:30pm  Lunch/Topic tables

1:30  GLU Annual General (Business) Meeting I

Call for nominations and resolutions, executive
director and treasurers' reports

2:00  Choice of workshops

o  Just Transition to a Toxic-Free Economy
o  From RAPs to Greenways
o  Great Lakes Basin Mining
o  Pressures to Drain the Great Lakes
o  Environmental Justice
o  Introduction to the Great Lakes Water
   Quality Agreement
o  Effects on Aboriginals of the Great Lakes
   Environment (EAGLE) Program

3:15  Play break (cooperative games) / walks

4:00  "The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement at
        25: Past and Future"

Panel and audience discussion: "Defending the Great
Lakes Water Quality Agreement: What Should
Environmentalists Do at the IJC Biennial?"
   --Panel members will include Lee Botts,
     Alice Chamberlin, John Jackson, Paul Muldoon

6:00  Reception, silent auction

7:00  Supper and keynote speech: Ruth Grier

The speaker is a Visiting Environmentalist at
Innis College, University of Toronto

9:00  Choice of activities

o  Music and dancing
o  "Discovering the Great Lakes Through Our Stories"

------Sunday, June 1-------

8:00am  Breakfast/Topic tables

8-10:00  Elections for GLU Board of Directors

8:30  GLU Annual General (Business) Meeting II

Workgroup strategy session reports, resolutions

10:00  Choice of organizing topics

--Planning for the IJC Biennial
--Renegotiating the Great Lakes
  Water Quality Agreement
--Participating in International Forums
  (NAFTA Commission on Environmental Cooperation,
  U.N. Protocol on Persistent Organic Pollutants) 

11:15  Reports on Plans for Action
       in International Forums

12:00pm  Adjourn

Regularly showing will be videotapes "Keepers of the
Waters" (on citizen struggle against Crandon mine) and
"The Mighty River" (on the St. Lawrence River).



(please send, email or fax to arrive by Friday, May 23)

Name: ____________________________________

Affiliation: ________________________________

Address: ___________________________________

City: __________________

State/Province: ______

Postal Code: _______

Phone: _________________


Number/ages of children: _____________________

Days/hours needed: __________________________

(Please inform us of your needs by Friday, May 16)

Registration Packages

o  Events only (no meals/lodging)-C$59, US$55
   (Registration C$45, meeting halls C$14)

All meals and lodging, Friday-Sunday:
o  With one roommate-C$174, US$136
   (Registration C$45, lodging C$74, food C$41,
    meeting halls C$14)
o  With two roommates-C$154, US$121
   (Registration C$45, lodging C$54, food C$41,
    meeting halls C$14)
o  Tent camping-C$112, US$92
   (Registration C$45, lodging C$12, food C$41,
    meeting halls C$14)

(prorated packages available)

Desired roommate name or gender:


Special diet request:


Total enclosed:  _____________________________

Payment:  o Check/M.O.  o MasterCard   o Visa

Card number:  ______________________________

Expiration date:  ____________________________

Signature:  _________________________________

Please send or fax this form and make checks out to
Great Lakes United at Buffalo State College, Cassety
Hall, 1300 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, New York, 14222
(716) 886-0142, fax: -0303.