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Call for Case Studies

Dear Friends,

The Department of Energy and the Northeast-Midwest Institute will
conduct a Great Lakes financing workshop to help manufacturers locate
funding for energy efficiency and pollution prevention technologies. 
The workshop will be on July 31, 1997 in Chicago, Illinois.  For more
information about the workshop, check the Events section of the Great
Lakes Manufacturing Network Homr Page (http://www.cglg.org/glmn).  

In preparation for the workshop, we are looking for manufacturers who
have identified and implemented energy efficiency and/or productivity
improvements in their plants that have resulted in measured savings to
the bottom line. Ideally we would like to find manufacturers who
received technical assistance and/or financial assistance in identifying
and financing their improvements. We would like them to both provide us
with information that we could write up as a case study to be included
in the material handed out at the forum and to participate in the forum
to explain: 

--how they became interested in making improvements
--how they identified the best investments to make
--how they carried through on the improvements

The staff of the Northeast-Midwest Institute would be happy to meet with
appropriate executives and would provide a draft of the case study for
approval before including it in the conference materials. Depending on
the companies' preference, stories could be included in
newspaper and trade publication articles about the conference. Final
selection of companies to participate would depend on type of efficiency
technology involved and the size and type of manufacturer in order to
ensure diversity of example. If you would like to have your client
company or your company written up as a case study, or know of a company
that might be interested, please contact Juli Pollitt, Chicago Regional
Support Office, One S. Wacker Dr., Suite 2380, Chicago, Illinois,
60606-4616, 312-886-8571, juli.pollitt@hq.doe.gov; or Diane De Vaul,
Northeast-Midwest Institute, 218 D Street S.E., Washington, D.C. 20003,
202-544-5200, ddevaul@nemw.org.