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What on Earth? Symposium

>What on Earth? A National Symposium on Environmental Contaminants and
>the Implications for Child Health - OTTAWA, Canada, MAY 25, 26 & 27,
>The Symposium is part of a two-year project which is studying the
>correlation between children's health and environmental contaminants.
>The first of its kind in Canada, "What on Earth?" will bring together
>international experts from a wide variety of sectors, including science,
>government and industry, as well as representatives from environmental,
>consumer and children's health groups to discuss the latest research
>findings and develop a framework for action.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION, including a preliminary program & registration
>materials, contact:
>Canadian Institute of Child Health
>tel: (613) 224-4144
>fax: (613) 224-4145
>e-mail: cich@igs.net
>URL: http://www.cich.ca