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Risks to ecosystems (fwd)

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For your information.

Ann Poole

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From: Toby Bussa <bussa@EMS.PSU.EDU>
Subject: Risks to ecosystems
Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 16:40:52 -0400
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This is a request for participation on a research project at
Penn State University. We are asking ecologists and related experts to
take ten minutes to complete our web page survey. We have asked many
experts to date but have not had nearly the response that was
Therefore, we are asking once again.

This survey concerns the perceptions of experts regarding risks to
ecosystems due to several different "risky" events, actions, or items.
Relatively little information exists regarding how laypeople think about
ecosystems and changes to them. Even less is available on the relative
importance (e.g., values) people place on different types of ecosystem
impacts. Similarly, there is little available about how well the public's
perceptions and values of ecosystem impacts match what experts believe
the impacts to be and their assessment of the relative importance of
different impacts. We are addressing these issues by examining the impact
global climate change on ecosystems. Therefore, we are contacting both
experts and "laypeople" and asking them to take this survey. We believe
that a web based survey is the most effective way to contact many
different types of ecologists.

We would be extremely grateful if you help us by participating.
The web version contains a portion of the entire survey due to the
memory limitations on most PC's.

The URL for the survey is http://www.ems.psu.edu/eceem/eco.

If you are having problems using the web based survey or would like to
help us by taking the full version of the survey, we can send a hardcopy
you. This version will take about 45 minutes to complete. If you would
like a copy mailed to you, please reply to bussa@ems.psu.edu and include
your name and address. We will provide you with a full hardcopy of the
survey including a return envelope with postage. Due to complexities we
are only able to mail a hardcopy of the survey to respondents in the

To those that have already responded, we thank you for your

                    Michael Tobias Bussa (Toby)

Department of Energy, Environmental     Email:    bussa@ems.psu.edu
and Mineral Economics                   WWW: www.ems.psu.edu/~bussa
Pennsylvania State University
221 Walker Building
University Park, PA 16802

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