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Web Site on Residential Energy and Enviro Options

Urban Options of East Lansing, Michigan is pleased to announce the
public presentation of a new site on the World Wide Web:


The site focuses on energy and environmental concerns in and around the
home, with special attention at this time to an on-line tour of the
Urban Options Demonstration House and easy-to-use guidance on
weatherizing residences. Links to related sites are organized and
annotated especially for the novice. An on-line directory of service and
product providers for Michigan is included along with information on the
Michigan portion of the Solar Home Tour.

Please forgive cross-postings.
Feel free to share this announcement with other interested parties or
relevant internet lists or news groups.

Urban Options offers guidance and services for managing homes and yards
in more energy efficient, ecologically sound, and healthy ways.
Established in 1978, we are a non-profit community organization that
helps people find local solutions to the global challenges of
the environment and sustainable living. 

Do check us out.  Your comments are welcome at any time.

On behalf of Urban Options, I am yours truly,

Phil Shepard