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new list server

Its finally here!!! The Social Justice Network (for Ontario & beyond)
electronic news server.

The Social Justice Network List Serve(sjnet-l) is a project of the Windsor &
Area  Social Justice & Ecological  Network in conjunction with the Ontario
Coalition for Social Justice. To subscribe to sjnet-1 (small L not number 1)
please send a message to: majordomo@list.web.net leave the subject blank
 in body of message write " subscribe sjnet-l & your email ID
The sjnet-l is non-partisan, meaning we will not allow the net to become a
platform for political parties.  We hope that this list server will act to
stimulate communications and ideas about effective social change and
coalition building and alternatives at the community level.   The sjnet-l is
accessible to both individual& organizational social justice, community,
labour and environmental groups in Ontario, the rest of Canada,  and

Windsor & Area Social Justice & Ecological Network
P.O. Box 548 Windsor,ON N9A 6M6
Voice 519-973-1116/519-253-4232 x 4521 Fax 519-255-7361/519-973-7055
E-mail actionet@web.net
in conjunction with:

Ontario Coalition for Social Justice
15 Gervais Drive # 305
Don Mills, ON M3C 1Y8
Ph. 416-441-3714 fax 416-441-4073
E-mail andrea_calver@campuslife.utoronto.ca