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May 17 issue of Science News on Dioxin/Great Lakes Trout

The current issue of Science News, the weekly science publication
contains an article "Those Old Dioxin Blues" about the effect of 
chlorinated dioxin/furan compounds on Lake Trout reproduction
in the Great Lakes.     

This article is available online at:


With a great cover picture of trout fish eggs....

Marc Gaden of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission is quoted.  

Research by John Giesy at Michigan State University on 
fish immune function from toxicant exposure,  by Cook and Peterson
on historic Lake Trout fry die-offs from historical dioxin
exposure...are mentioned...  Also mentioned is information about other 
compounds discharged by bleached kraft pulp mills and  brominated
compounds, both with dioxin-like fish fry toxicity....

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