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GLRC Press Release

--------------------MEDIA ADVISORY------------

						May 27, 1997

						CONTACT:  Harriet Teller
						    	  Promotion Director


-- Total of $ 540,364 committed to organization housed at 
listener-supported public radio stations of
the University of Michigan --


	ANN ARBOR  --  The Great Lakes Radio Consortium (GLRC) has
received more than half a million dollars to continue its environmental
reporting for the next two years.  The GLRC produces a weekly 29-minute
radio program of news, features, and commentaries carried by over 100
stations around the Great Lakes region.  Based at Michigan Radio in Ann
Arbor, the GLRC also maintains operating bureaus in Chicago, Grand Rapids,
and Ontario.

	A total of $540,364 has been committed by eight different
organizations.  These include: The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation (Flint,
MI);  The Joyce Foundation (Chicago);  the Environmental Protection Agency
- Region 5 (Chicago);  The George Gund Foundation (Cleveland);  the
Washtenaw County Public Works (Ann Arbor, MI); The Donnelley Foundation
(Chicago);  The Frey Foundation (Grand Rapids, MI); and, Michigan Radio.
Additional information about each funder follows this release.

	David Hammond, Managing Editor of the Great Lakes Radio
Consortium, says these grant awards ensure that environmental reporting
has a long-term future.

	"It's critically important for an organization as new as the Great
Lakes Radio Consortium to gain both credibility and stability."  Hammond
says.  "With our news programming we achieve credibility, but without the
generous support of these organizations, we couldnAt continue our
operations.  These grants allow us to continue to produce award-winning
programming for the next two years."
-- more --
During the last year, the Great Lakes Radio Consortium has been honored
with 22 awards for its environmental reporting.  These include national
awards for its coverage of womenAs health issues and the urban

Cynthia Swinehart, Program Assistant of the Charles Stewart Mott
Foundation, says the GLRC earned a multi-year commitment because of its
high-quality reporting.

	"The Great Lakes Radio Consortium has become an important source
of environmental information for public radio listeners in the Great Lakes
basin," Swinehart says.  "By providing comprehensive news reporting with a
regional perspective, the Consortium brings much-needed public attention
to the region's environmental problems."

	Donovan Reynolds, Director of Broadcasting for the University of
Michigan, says the grant awards are further confirmation of the excellent
work being done by GLRC staff.

	"Managing Editor David Hammond and Producer Jon Hoban have done an
extraordinary job of building the Consortium and quickly developing a
reputation for the high quality of its programming" says Reynolds.  "At a
time when less and less attention is paid in other media to environmental
issues, the work of the Consortium is more essential than ever."

	Great Lakes Radio Consortium features can be heard on Michigan
Radio (Flint, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor) Tuesday through Friday at 8:20 am.
In lower Michigan, they can also be heard regularly on WDET (Detroit),
WKAR (East Lansing), WEMU (Ypsilanti), WGVU (Grand Rapids), WMUK
(Kalamazoo), and WUCX (Bay City).


 Foundation Summaries

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation ($150,000 over two years), established
in 1926, is private philanthropy committed to supporting projects that
promote a just, equitable, and sustainable society.  It supports nonprofit
programs throughout the United States and, on a limited geographic basis,
internationally, working largely with low-income populations.  Grantmaking
is focused in the areas of civil society; environment; poverty; and,
education.  In 1996, the Foundation  made 464 grants totaling $ 63.9

	The Joyce Foundation ($150,000 over two years) was established in
1948.  The Foundation targets the Midwest, making grants in the areas of
Conservation, Culture, Economic Development, Education, and Gun Violence.

	Michigan Radio ($80,000 over two years) is a listener-supported
broadcast service of the University of Michigan.  It can be heard in Ann
Arbor on WUOM, 91.7 FM, in Grand Rapids on WVGR, 104.1 FM, and in Flint on
WFUM, 91.1 FM.

	The George Gund Foundation ($71,364 over two years) was
established in 1952 as a private, nonprofit institution devoted to human
well-being  and social progress.  Program areas for the Cleveland-based
foundation are Education, Economic Development & Community Revitalization,
Human Services, Environment, Arts, and Civic Affairs.

	The Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 Office of Solid Waste
Management (46,500 over one year)  supports programs that promote waste
prevention and source reduction.  Region 5 encompasses most of the Great
Lakes region, including Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota,
and Ohio.

	Washtenaw CountyAs (MI) Green Backs for Green Acts Grant Program
($20,000 over one year) supports projects that contribute to waste
prevention, reuse, and recycling in the County.  The Program funds
projects that result in measurable waste reduction, develop a new
technology, improve local recycling  markets, or create a model or pilot

	The Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation ($15,000 over two
years) was founded in 1952.  Areas of interest in priority order are:
Environment/Conservation, Education, Arts/Culture, and Community Welfare.

The Frey Foundation ($7,500 over one year) is one of Michigan's largest
family foundations.  Grants are provided primarily to nonprofit
organizations in western lower Michigan, for projects to enhance
children's development, protect natural resources, promote the arts, and
expand philanthropic and civic action.

David Hammond
Managing Editor, Great Lakes Radio Consortium
5000 LSA Building
University of Michigan 
Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1382

Phone: 313-764-9210
Fax: 313-647-3488
Email: dchammon@umich.edu

GLRC Web Page:  http://www.glrc.org