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Manning and Reform

Greetings alternative media:  Please be advised of our plans for 4:30pm, if
there is interest we will put something together, if not, then obviously we
>Manning and his REFORM bigots will be coming to Ciociaro Club at 4:30pm.  I
am not sure how many of you would be interested in participating in a rally
to send him and his right-wing fascist friends a message but let us know,
and maybe we can do something.(255-1616) or  (973-1116) or (253-4232 x 4521)
We will be calling students as well.
>Remember students forced him to shorten his appearance in Guelph.  
>Many of us are not hopeful that a top down parliamentary system will
implement systematic and fundamental social change in the way we live and
conduct business in Canada.  Normally we would ignore this type of political
hype and crowd nonsense, however, Manning is a special case, his brand of
right-wing politics is even more extreme and destructive then any of the
other political parties who support a capitalist economy at this point.  So
lets try and put something together.
>EcoLeft  at planet earth.