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Annual Great Lakes Spring Survey

Annual Great Lakes Spring Survey

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Great Lakes National Program 
Office is conducting its annual Spring survey of the open waters of the 
Great Lakes from April 9 through May 16, 1997, using the research vessel 
R/V Lake Guardian.  Results from the surveys help to determine long-term 
trends in the Great Lakes in response to environmental management
or other significant changes in the Great Lakes Basin.  Samples are 
collected from fixed station locations and then analyzed for nutrients 
(phosphorus, nitrate-nitrate, silica) and other measures of water
 At several locations in each lake, organic extracts are separated from 
large volumes of water for subsequent analysis for chlorinated organic 
contaminants (PCBs, DDT, etc.).  Samples are also collected for analysis 
of the phytoplankton and zooplankton communities throughout each lake.  
Collections were completed in Lakes Erie, Ontario, Huron and most of 
Michigan during April.  A team of university researchers joined the
on Lakes Michigan and Superior to collect samples for a study on the 
dynamics of toxaphene across the air-water and sediment-water

For additional information, please contact:  Glenn Warren (312) 886-2405

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