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Plant Community Survey of Ohio's Lake Erie Drainage Completed

Plant Community Survey of Ohio's Lake Erie Drainage Completed

The project titled "Ecological Targeting in Ohio's Great Lakes Basin" 
evaluated and ranked plant community records for sites within the Lake 
Erie Drainage Basin.  Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of 
Nature Preserves and the Ohio Chapter of The Nature Conservancy
d as part of a grant by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Great 
Lakes National Program Office to review all plant community records, 
conduct surveys to document additional high quality plant communities, 
produce a revised list of high quality natural plant communities, and 
develop a ranking methodology to assess the conservation priority of
plant community.  Information is now available to conservation
s to better set priorities for land acquisition and protection.  The 
preservation of habitat that includes high quality plant communities is 
the primary environmental result.

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