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Money Above the Law.

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>Subject: Money Above the Law.
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>   $ $  Putting the Rights of Money Above the Laws of Nations.  $ $
>	A COUP is brewing to put the rights of international investors
>beyond the reach of national laws.
>	Under MAI, the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, member nations
>would be forbidden to use investment rules to promote social, environmental
>or economic goals, including job creation.  Investors from any other member
>nation would be guaranteed entry and residency.  They could bring in their
>own workers, raw materials or component parts, and they would be under no
>obligation to sell their product locally or even to keep assets in the
>country where they are bought.
>	Any national laws, past, present or future, that affects investors
>or the assets they buy would be subject to approval by an unelected
>international panel.  No where in the agreement is there provision for a
>member nation or effected people to sue for damage caused by the action of
>an investor.
>	The full text of the 170 page MAI can be found at:
>There is also a 7 page summary of the text and many other related items.
>	The justification for MAI is that it will stimulate economic
>growth.  This may be true, but economic growth does not necessarily benefit
>people.  There is another goal that we might choose which does not require
>overriding democracy.  It is a Question of Direction.  See:
>	The great fortunes of the world are worried about where to invest
>the huge amounts of money they have gathered.  MAI would solve their
>problem for a while.  At first it would bind members of the OECD
>(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), 29 of the world's
>richest countries.  They could then pry the rest of the world open for
>purchase by making trade with them contingent on signing the MAI.
>	Preparation for this deal was a well kept secret until word slipped
>out a couple of months ago.  Can citizens who have had no part in preparing
>this 'agreement' be subjected to its wide ranging provisions?  It would be
>better if we didn't have to find out.  Learn more about the MAI, spread the
>word, let your representatives know it is unacceptable.  Resist the new
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