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GLMN Update

Visit the Great Lakes Manufacturing Network (GLMN) INTERNET site
(http://www.cglg.org/glmn/) for an update on high performance
manufacturing events, headlines, and projects.  

During June we are featuring the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in
GLMN’s high performance Spotlight.  The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
is one of twelve regional Reserve Banks across the U.S. that, together
with the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., serve as the nation's
central bank.  The Federal Reserve Banks provide a summary of current
economic conditions in the "Beige Book" eight times a year, summarized
by district (Chicago, Cleveland, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, et
al).  Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago economists, working with experts
from the public and private sectors recently produced more than two
dozen papers focusing on various subjects, including industry trends,
the agricultural and urban sectors, global
markets, taxes and regulation, the labor force, and education and
technology. The findings are available in a comprehensive study,
"Assessing the Midwest Economy: Looking Back to the Future”, which along
with the “Beige Book” are available on-line.